Monday, May 14, 2007

Tagging or rather ...monkey puzzle

I'm not sure if this word..monkey-puzzle exists everywhere. I can't find an explanation for monkey puzzle in any of my 5 dictionaries, apart from the monkey puzzle tree, which is actually explanatory enough: "A coniferous evergreen tree, native to Chile, having intricately ramifying branches covered with overlapping, leathery, lanceolate, prickle-tipped leaves".
Etymology: Perhaps from the obstacle its intertwined branches would pose.
So, somewhere, someone brought this concept to schools and colleges and exams and career tests and personality tests and then it ended right up here on EDM in tagging.
Before you continue reading, take a look at these friends, who have scored high on their monkey-puzzles...Mary(emma pod), KsKlein, Robyn, Carole, Jan. You all know them well actually, or so you think...
I have never been good at monkey puzzle, not at school, not at university and definitely not in any personality test. Maybe because I'm bad at making choices, or maybe because of my fear of making a bad decision, or might it be that I'm too afraid of missing out on something if I choose one thing. Most likely it is because I feel that if I can only be allowed to justify my answer, I might score just half a point.Of course that's not how a monkey-puzzle works! You choose A or B and that's your one shot at a point.
This might explain why I loved history and biology and physiology and every other area in life where I was allowed(and not) the freedom to write and draw my mind. That way I could justify my answer with unending mind blabbering, which I did so convincingly(sometimes) that I did indeed score my half a point. By hindsight I suspect I got the point only because my writing was too tiresome to read and for the slight chance that there might be a point's worth of correct information somewhere. Or simply for pushing my luck.
I could also be very descriptive, up to the point of utter confusion, which of course, all worked in my favor. I sincerely hope it is the case here.
Well, that half a point got me everywhere in life. It taught me to never give up, even when you think it is impossible, there always lurks a lucky shot.
It taught me that reasoning is a good way of communicating. It taught me that listening is an even better way. It taught me never to become a politician. And never to marry one. It taught me to know when to stop. Which is right about now.
Now I have to tag seven people. A choice I can't make without starting justifying again. You don't want that and I don't want to choose between friends. But I do want to get to know a little something about everybody. With that I have just finished up with my seventh and final answer.
So, would it be OK, dear Reader, to ask you to post a picture, a drawing, a sketch, a photo....of a small corner of where you do your art, write your journal, think your thoughts...a tiny glimpse of your own space. And only if you want to. After all, this is a always have a choice.
PS: Just a quick explanation of monkey puzzle...a multiple choice exam paper, where you simply encircle A, B, C, or D as the correct answer to the corresponding question. I grew up knowing it as monkey-puzzle.


Lin said...

Okey dokey -- not sure what you were referring too! LOL BUT I LOVE your paintings!! Mokey puzzles -- intricate things that are hard to figure out?? People, yep ...and situations.... rubix cubes...e tc. etc. Nonetheless, I LOVE YOUR STUFF!!

ksklein said...

hey, i like your post and i think i understood monkey puzzle - even in german. ;)

take care,

Emma Pod said...

I like the monkey puzzle idea! And I agree that the A-B-C-D choices are too confining. Thanks for sharing your lovely paintings and your life insights. Also, thanks for writing me!

Mary/Emma Pod

caseytoussaint said...

Hmm- would that be like multiple choice? I love the paintings here and am glad to see them online. But there's no way I'm posting a picture of my messy studio!

Bill said...

Ronell, These are great paintings. I like the loose juicy feel of your brush work in both your oils and watercolors.

I've only heard the term Monkey Puzzle with regard to the tree.

regards - Bill

platitudinal said...

Ronell, you have a sensitive and lovely soul. It shows in the lines of your art and your writings. You appreciate and value each person, and do not want to cause even a slight feeling of neglect by anyone feeling overlooked. Monkey puzzle or not, it is a tender and beautiful way to live.

Robyn said...

I've always been fascinated by Monkey Puzzle trees, I used to break pieces off and carry them around. I had never heard it used as a term for a multiple choice question before. That's what one has to do for an Italian Driver's License - multiple choice question - the purpose of which is to trick you! I kid you not! It's a miracle I'm driving!
Beautiful portraits, Ronell. Now I'm stuck with the image of your mind being full of monkey puzzle bits. LOL

Tonniece said...

I can honestly say I've never heard of this before, so this post is a learning groove for me.
I like the sketches Ronell, they look so thoughtful yet so relaxed.

Pequete said...

The more I visit, the more I like your blog - texts and paintings alike. By the way, I loved your feet down there, but there were already so many comments, that I was afraid to even opent the comments box!